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Rosie gives you the steps to take in order to find the right contractor for your remodeling project.  The questions you should ask and answers you should get.  Details what you should never do and tips you may have never thought of.  Follow along on our BLOG.

The advantages of starting with a Home Energy Audit, thoughts on solar, our 'How To' on inspecting your home's exterior paint to see if its time to re-paint and a discussion of the steps of incorporating a town.

The Farms Choice's Jay Harper gives his tips on mulching for the hot summer season, summer lawns, fertilizing, tackling those pesky weeds and how to get ahead of them and shade tree suggestions.

Director of The Race Track Industry Program Wendy Davis discusses The Kentucky Derby debacle and The Belmont Stakes.  Filmmaker Katrina Parks talks about the story of her documentary on 'The Women Of Route 66'.  And Sara Badilla describes the beautiful Hacinda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort as our Staycation destination.

Bob Brown of Arizona Foundation Solutions talks about the many ways his patented solutions can repair your foundation issues.  Challenges of the different types of soils. Heaving, settling, cracks and other signs your foundation needs attention.  Plus checking your home for cancer causing radon and more!

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