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Follow along on our blog How To Fix That Messy,Cracked,Dirty Concrete Driveway.  

Plus a pro and con discussion on radient barriers and a listener has a cold water coming out hot issue.


Rosie takes homeowner listener calls on various issues like a shower rebuild after the contractor walked away, sink detachment from granite counter top, and the advantages of an inexpensive whole home energy audit to save money on your electric bill.


Farmer Greg of The Urban Farm and Kari Spencer of City Farming talking apple and peach harvest in Arizona.  (Yes you can grow fruit in the desert)

Plus a great discussion on techniques in preserving including canning, pickling, dehydrating and freezing fruit and vegetables. 

(Did you know you can pickle watermelon rind?)


Grand Canyon University Historian Dr. David Dean discusses the history and traditions of Memorial Day. 

The meaning of placing poppie flowers at military graves. 

And the incredible stories of the many Arizona veterans past and present including those you may not be familiar with like Ira Hayes.  He's part of a memorable event in military history.

We salute those in the Arizona Veterans Hall Of Fame.


Find the complete article on giving your garage a total do over on our BLOG.  Proper storage can mean actually space for your car!  Also in this hour, more listener calls on tackling fixes for home projects.  As we broadcast live from Sanderson Ford!


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