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Doug with The Arizona Painting Company and Color Program Supervisor for Sherwin Williams Karen D'Andrea discuss great tips on choosing the correct paint, finding the right painter for the job and steps on deciding which colors you like from the hundreds to choose from.  BLOG

John Eisenhower of SavATree Integrity Tree Service joins Janet Waibel to discuss the Palo Blanco, The Tree Of The Month.  Janet explains sustainable landscape management.  Plants and trees placed for look and purpose.  Plus tree and shrub pruning, root growth and weed control tips.

Our 'How To' on getting your windows working properly and keeping the glass clean to let the spring sunshine in.  Proper planning for remodeling. And listener callers on repairing a trombe wall, repairing pool coping damage and a solution to sewer type odors in the home.

Steve Love with La Mesa RV discusses the many advances in the RV world.  Explains the classes and designs of RVs.  The stages that consumers move from tent camping to RV.  Plus all you need to know about a home on wheels! 

Julie with The Arizona Farm Bureau joined by Marchants Garden's Chaz Shelton about his unique farm growing greens, herbs and fish combining greenhouse and aquaponics techniques.  Plus connect the disconnect between farming and the public.

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