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Topics from the real estate market to a monsoon season checklist.  Interview with My Directives.com, a digital wallet card that has all your directives in case of life threating emergencies.  Rosie's take on A/C extended warranties especially on labor.  And homeowner questions on carbon monoxide, soundproofing and more!

A career in the construction sciences for women has never been better.  The opportunities for learning and demand for skilled services are even greater.  Rosie On The House Staff Writer Susan Kregar discusses how her involvement with construction trade associations lead to her career.  Rosie Right Remodeling's Project Manager Sefora Onye and Design & Sales Consultant Rochelle Horn discuss what lead to their careers in remodeling construction.  Plus homeowner questions!

Farmer Greg's guest is Tucson's Brad Lancaster! Award Winning Author of ‘Rainwater Harvesting For Dryland And Beyond’.  With cities asking residents to reduce water use, harvesting rainwater is more that just collecting in a tank. Brad discusses various methods about how you can capture every drop and move rainwater from the street to the roof!  ‘Planting the rain to grow abundance’.

Rosie On The House broadcasts from KTAR/Phoenix.  Ryan Hatch discusses the history and plans to celebrate KTAR's 100th Anniversary.  Weekly To Do on Orangeburg Pipe.  What is it and if you have a home built from the 1950's thru early 1980's what to do if you have it.  Plus homeowner questions on smoke detectors, roofing and more!

Mission Hardwood Flooring talks about the various types of hardwood floors that can be installed in your home.  Bram Flooring discusses floor warranties.  From small to large installation issues, some ways you might be surprised to know that can void the warranty.

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