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Tekna Home Security And Smart Homes discuss the advances in home security.  Comparing today's Do It Yourself systems versus the traditional home monitoring companies and what you need know about both.  Question of the week:  Is replacing a shower head a Do It Yourself job?  And other topics of the day!

Andrew Dobbins of Intelligent Design in Tucson and Rich Cooley of Suntrac Hybrid Climate Systems explains this game changer in saving energy and substantial money on your cooling bill! The SunTrac thermal hybrid air conditioning system is a renewable energy method of adding pressure and heat to the refrigeration cycle which results in a decreased/displaced compressor workload. This is something worth listening too!!

Farmer Greg discusses harvesting rainwater and other sources of water from evaporative coolers, condensate, and a deep dive into 'greywater'.  All can be repurposed into the landscape.  Plus Greg has the five components on water harvesting and distribution systems large and small.  

Update on happenings at Rosie On The House.  Esther de Wolde of Phantom Screens discusses their unique screens that do more than provide a thermal barrier around your outdoor living space.  And some new products like a docking drawer, ambient lit shower head, hot water hose bib and more!

Shade is a great way to reduce heat gain on your home.  Most heat gain comes thru your windows. One of the best ways is proper installation of sunscreens.  We discuss this and other ways to kick the heat away.

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