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COVID has brought around the “COVID clutter’” said Bridges Conner, Owner and Founder of Get Organized with Bridges + CO,  “I am seeing more and more people reach out because they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with their projects.” Bridges joins us to help you organize and reduce the clutter.  Plus the latest home scams, questions on a malfunctioning exhaust fan and installing a real wood floor.

Because of the pandemic, we have been forced to use our houses as workspaces, schools, entertainment centers, and fitness centers.  We discuss some of the remodeling trends and cool innovations in those trends.  And listeners need help on new build home for the Arizona climate, weed control and smelly drains.

Jay Harper discusses growing and maintaining roses for great blooms later in the year. Justin Rohner of Queen Creek Botanical Gardens talks about one of the most unique gardens in the country.  Featuring edible plants, trees and a working water mill for grinding and cracking.  Chris Welborn of Vicente Landscaping in Prescott, AZ talks about irrigation maintenance to prevent freezing pipes.

Our Weekly To Do on Water Heaters with George Cathey of Isley's Home Service featuring 3 types of heaters, how they work and proper maintenance.  A story from John Eisenhower about burning a Christmas tree in the fireplace.  And homeowner questions too!

Owning and maintaining a home in Arizona is very different that other parts of the country.  We detail what first time home buyers need to know.  Response to our recent Most Asked Question of burning a Christmas tree in a fireplace.  And discussion on accenting your home with colors.

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