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Variety of topics include solar ovens, circular blade sharping, 15 minute repairs or fixes and patio questions from listeners.

Recommendations for a nice, comfortable patio!  Proper use of sun shades, roofing, outdoor fans, electrical and sound wiring, and ways to stay cool from misting systems to evaporative coolers.  Lots to consider!

John Eisenhower of Integrity SaveATree Tree Service and Arborist Sarah Maitland talk about the Tree Of The Month:  Tecoma Stands (Yellow and orange bell blooms).  Details proper pruning for trees to hold up in monsoon winds, the effects of overwatering your trees and time for those Palo Verde Beetles.

Amy Burnett of Arizona Game & Fish discuss the over 800 species of wildlife in Arizona and the many watchable wildlife events happening around the state.  And our Staycation of the month in Payson, AZ.

Your front door is the #1 entry focus.  We discuss various ways to secure it whether its a single door, french door and sliding door.  Plus Melissa Sutton from The Drowning Prevention Coalition Of Arizona discusses the ABC's & D of keeping kids safe from drowning.  And more listener questions!

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