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Recycling programs are being challenged by reduced demand.  We go over the DO's & DON'TS of recycling.  What can and cannot be recycled helps to reduce maintenance costs.  Plus callers have questions on storing paint, proper roof layers, rust issue in a fountain, shower glass door and rebuilding a water softener filter.

Our Home Zada expert Beth explains how to manage maintenance tasks around the home with Home Zada.  From reminders to change A/C filters to tracking pet care and more.  Preparing for seasonal changes:  things to check on early to get ready for cooler weather.  And roofing questions too!

John Eisenhower of SavATree Integrity Tree Service talks about the Tree Of The Month:  The Saugaro Cactus (yes, its a tree!).  What you can do now to prepare for the cooler months ahead and listener question on their tree issues.

Creating water out of thin air?  Kaitlyn Fitzgerald of ZERO MASS WATER explains how with the world's first and only Hydropanel!  Sunlight plus air creates perfect drinking water.  Already used world wide and can be used in your home.

Our 'To-Do' on wood sealing.  And listener questions on lawn bug problem, HOA provided drywall repair gone wrong, home energy audit and related questions regarding more wood sealing including a recommended product to use.

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