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Our Weekly To-Do on loving your water by softening it!  How to improve Arizona's hard water.  How toilet technology does more than just fill and flush.  Listener questions about a problem getting hot water to the kitchen sink, replacing windows on a budget and more!

Rosie tells stories from contractors who worked in the White House.  Its not anything like contractors working on your home.  Plus listener questions on attic fans, cracked truss in a home, electric panel install before or after stucco and replacing glass panels in a front door.

Jay discusses now is the right time to plant tomatoes, pruning roses and deciduous trees, keeping up your winter lawn a bit longer, fertilize and fighting pesky weeds with pre-emergent.  That's for starters!

For President's Day Weekend, Dr. Dean joins us to discuss the history of The White House.  The original construction, design, architect, the many renovations from various Presidents who lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Plus other historical facts about the most famous house in the world!

Our Weekly To Do on dimmers.  Different types, compatibility, and what you need to consider before you install them.  Plus listener questions on roof replacement, followup to realtors knowledge selling filpped homes and a survey of the most demanding contractor jobs that might surprise you.

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