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The pros and cons of flagstone patios.  Discussion on pool covers.  They are not all the same.  And listener questions including enclosing a carport into a garage for $14,000?

The International Dark Sky Association works to protect the night sky from light pollution for all to enjoy.  Arizona has quite a few certified communities too!  Director Dr. Jeff Hall of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff discusses its importance.  Dr. Sky talks about what to look for in the current night sky including Mars, The Milky Way and other fascinating facts in the night sky.

Time to plant your garden and prepare your winter lawn.  Jay Harper of The Farms Choice discusses what vegetables to plant, annual plants for landscapes and mowing preparation to seed your winter lawn.  Plus fertilization, battery powered tools, balcony and roof gardens and a question of coffee grounds in garden dirt.

Referrals, Rosie On The House offers, proper tips about power washing around the home and questions about roof rats, gas fireplace safety precautions, solar tube light install and laminate over a tile floor.  

Taking advantage of opportunities to incorporate natural light into the home has many benefits.  Balancing the right windows to the right amount of light so that no light need to be turned on.  We give some examples. Plus a brand new program in Yavapai County to tackle the lack of affordable housing with free single family home plans!

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