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Farmer Greg discusses the many facets of permaculture.  Design principles centered on whole systems thinking, simulating, or directly utilizing the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems.  Plus how you can apply them to growing your garden!

Listeners questions include lead paint removal, a solar system for air conditioners, bidets, patio concrete issue, water line insurance, proper treatment of exposed wood and more!

With many staying home during the coronavirus fight, Jeff with REEis Air Conditioning discusses an option to purify and sanitize your home with a UV Light Air Purifier for the duct system.  He details how it works.  And be pro-active with an A/C checkup before the heat returns.

In times like these, Jay talks about how gardening can reduce stress and grow your favorite veggies and flowers.  This is the time to plant warm summer vegetables and melons.  Planting in tree wells, soil preparation and lawn care.

Our Weekly How-To involves the interior door that swings open and won't stay put.  Discussion of incredible low mortgage rates, home equity, dryer vent cleaning and callers on new attic insulation and home settling problem.

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